Dealing with brokers: is it worth it?

Moving brokers perform the role of mediators between moving companies and people who want to move home. They organize the relocation of household items, however, they do not take care of the real transportation of things including such services as packing, storing, collecting your belongings and its delivery, or any other phase of the moving process.

Thus, moving brokers are basically sales staff arranging a move and handling it to a real mover. This process includes obtaining the needed data from the customer who is moving home and lodging the tender to moving companies within their networks. Brokers may give appraisal and take deposits on the side of the movers as well as assist in scheduling a move, however, they are not responsible for carrying out the very relocation.

Is it worth hiring a moving broker? Of course, it is crucial to weigh up all pros and cons of moving with the help of brokers. Advantages of turning to a moving broker’s assistance include:

Adaptability. Dealing with the moves brokers have access to extensive networks of moving companies. Despite the requirements of your relocation, a moving broker is competent to find a moving company which can do the service for you.

Effectiveness. Not all moving companies can offer their clients the whole list of services they require. You may need to find two separate companies to relocate your household items to your new place of residence and to move your pets or a car across the country. What is more, sometimes a special transportation company will be needed to handle such valuable items like antique furniture, pianos, pool tables etc. It will take a lot of effort and precious time to search for different moving companies able to meet your needs. A moving broker, however, will research them for you selecting the proper ones and discussing the details of the relocation process on your behalf.

  Security. It is obligatory for moving brokers to contract only properly licensed moving companies. They choose a mover with an established reputation for excellent customer service. Consequently, the possibility of moving frauds is considerably smaller when making use of a moving broker’s services. However, there are always two sides to every coin, thus, dealing with brokers    has its downsides as well:

Additional expenses. Dealing with a mediator presupposes that a customer has to spend additional costs in order to obtain the needed assistance in the relocation process. There are also cases when moving broker charge additional money for arranging the relocation of the household items.

Inaccurate evaluation. When obtaining a moving broker’s assistance, you may get an evaluation that is considerably lower than the real expenses you will incur. To give you an accurate estimate, the movers have to see the things you intend to transport, to be aware of the features of collection and relocation and discuss your personal concerns with you – all these factors impact the final moving expenses.

Lack of options. The moving broker takes responsibility for choosing a moving company for you (basically, it is the mover that offers the best financial bargain), therefore, you will not have the possibility to decide whether you can rely on them or not. Sometimes you may not even have a chance to discuss with the mover the details of your move face to face and ask questions or clarify the issues and relieve your anxiety.

Accountability issues.  A moving broker will not assume liability for the safety of your belongings, if something goes wrong. In case some of your household items are damaged or lost during the relocation process, the moving broker will delegate a duty to the moving company which  might not manage your claim with  positive results. Therefore,  having this general information enables you to make  a reasonable decision whether to deal with brokers and seek for their professional assistance  during such an important event in your life.

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