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Traditional Van Lines specializes in the packing, storage and transportation of household and commercial goods both within continental US and internationally. We have grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest relocation providers with offices and locations across the country in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Connecticut, Florida and California.
You’ve got questions – here are the answers!
How much will it cost?
Your move price is based on the volume/weight of items being moved. All estimates are binding and depend solely on the number of items (volume of actual items, not the stacked space) For larger moves it is always best for us to visit your home and determine the cost of your move, as it depends on numerous factors such as packing, building access, size of consignment, number of staff etc. With this information we can come up with a precise quote based on your individual move.
What areas do you cover?
We cover all continental US with our own transport offering full, part and return load services, (we use trusted shippers for separate moves to certain parts of OR/WA), and are able to move your belongings anywhere in the world (port to port, door to port moving services)
How much notice do you require?
Traditional relocations are usually booked between 7 and 14 days before the expected move date, however, last minute move options are also available in case of spare workforce at the location. All pickup dates are usually a 2-3 days’ timeframe – the customer is notified about a set date and time 48-24 hours prior to the first available date of the pickup.
Can Traditional provide a pre-move consultation?
Your consultant will help you choose the service delivery meeting your needs, explain what to expect when you arrive at your new destination and answer all your questions – either via the phone or during a home visit.
What size are your vehicles?
Traditional fleet consists of twelve 53ft rigs, eight 26ft trucks and 3 cargo vans, each suiting your separate moving needs. Please let us know about access at either address as this will help us to plan your move with smaller vehicles or make the necessary arrangements to transfer your goods.
Can I pack my own boxes?
Yes, you can. However, please consult with your representative about the type of heavy-duty boxes that should be used for your relocation. In addition, any damage incurred to items you packed yourself may not be covered by insurance. Therefore, it is suggested that you let Traditional pack your household items. All our crews are professionally trained and have years of experience packing people’s precious belongings.
Do you dismantle and re-assemble my bed, wardrobe etc.?
Yes, we do. Our crew will carry out disassembling and re-assembling to the best of their ability. It is important for us to know what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary and additional (if any) resources and equipment to be provided.
How does Traditional pack my China, Glass and Crystal?
Your move with us is always insured with complimentary BLI (basic liability), thus we do our best to keep all your fragile items protected, and it is absolutely essential to keep them thoroughly packed and/or crated. We use bubble wrap, craft paper, corrugated cardboard etc. to provide maximum protection against any downward pressure. Be sure to mention any items of sorts to your sales representative or on-site estimator in order to avoid any discrepancies during the relocation.
Do I need to empty my dresser and/or chest of drawers?
Providing the unit is sturdy enough – any light items such as clothing, bedding etc. can be left within. Please make sure to remove any books, heavy, breakable items etc. Self-assembly furniture (IKEA etc.) does not go well with relocation so this type of furniture must only be moved upon being completely emptied.
Will the crew unpack for me?
Traditional crew will unpack your effects and take away all used packing material (option of VIP White-Glove package). In case of a regular package, only blanket-covered furniture items will be unpacked, however the company can arrange unpacking as an additional service on-site. Be sure to mention your needs prior to reserving the move.
Does Traditional provide storage (long term or temporarily)?
Yes, we do. Traditional Van Lines offers long- and short-term storage for all our customers in private and secure warehouses of our own.
How long can I store for?
Your belongings can be stored for as long or short a period as necessary. Storage is charged month to month and is based on the size of your load. All interstate relocations with our company get up to 60 days storage free with no re-handling fees.
Why is insurance protection necessary?
While our professional crew will pack and transport your items as safely as possible, it is important to note that these items will be relocated by a truck or other mode of transport – all of which carry inherent risks.
How will I know my delivery time?
Traditional provides delivery time-windows for all customers of ours. To ensure the highest quality with the lowest possible rates, most of our clients have their move consolidated (unless straight delivery or specified otherwise) – meaning it gets loaded onto a 53ft rig along with several other moves with the same or close destination. Keep in mind that the first available date of your delivery is a start of the time-window and depends on the distance between locations (legally, up to 21 business days).
How do I track my shipment?
All trucks in Traditional Van Lines fleet are equipped with GPS-tracking technology and can be tracked in real time. Please contact our office at 855-653-3240 and a designated sales or customer service will update the delivery time window and location of your belongings for you.
Will the Packing Crew use the original packing materials for my appliances?
If you are in possession of any packing materials that you might want to use for your items, please inform your representative. Upon arrival, the foreman will inspect them to confirm on their applicability. Do not worry, Traditional always has a spare box back in the truck.
What is involved with an on-site visit?
During an on-site estimate, a designated representative visits your house or apartment to get an exact idea of the size of your move, be it in volume (cf) or weight (lbs.). He/she will also mention things such as dates of service, packing of fragile items, additional options (storage, unpacking, etc.), discuss them with you and answer any questions you might have. The length of an estimate is based on the size of your belongings, but usually never exceeds 60 minutes. At the end of the on-site, your representative will have a customized inventory form and an estimate written for you.
I need to add/remove items from my inventory list – what should I do?
Contact your representative to let him/her know about the changes in the inventory total. You’ll be assisted with all the changes. Please make sure to inform us about any final changes at least 2-3 days prior to your move, so a right size truck can be chosen for your service. Keep in mind – your estimate depends solely on the volume/weight of the items you want relocated, and with an inventory change the cost estimate might change as well.
Who should know that I am moving?
Let your family and friends know, as well as your doctor, attorney, job placement (if applicable). Keep in mind that in case of you not being able to be present at the pickup/delivery, a POA (power of attorney) statement should be filled on and signed – in order for a different person (family member, friend) to act as a customer and authorize a payment for the services. Contact your move coordinator to obtain one.
When’s the best time to move?
The time of your relocation is entirely up to you. However, Traditional suggest you choose a time other than summer, end of the month or national holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc.). The biggest demands for services happen during these periods of time.
How long does it take to move?
The duration of service depends on numerous factors, including size of your relocation, weather conditions and the distance between your pickup and desired location. In most cases, your belongings are consolidated with a few other customers moving, thus reducing expenses e.g. the rate for your service. To make a statement about being accurate, Traditional provides a time window for your delivery (unless specifically requested). Please refer to your representative for a time frame. Keep in mind that, per DOT regulations, Traditional Van Lines legally has up to 21 business days for the delivery of your items.

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