Few Important things to know when moving

Moving, whether short or long distances, has never been a trifle. Ones you start thinking about the amount of work to be done, you may get confused, overwhelmed or even start regretting your decisions. But don’t let your emotions get the better of you.Preparation is a key factor for a successful and stress free move. (The determining factor of a flawless move is an accurate and serious preparation.) The way you consider every detail and do your research, according to which you will be selecting your moving company, all that has a direct impact on the results of your relocation.The answer to a stress-free move is very simple: prepare a plan and organize your moving process ahead of time so you will be spared of excess hassle.Here is few moving tips for you, which when followed, may ease up or even turn your move into an interesting and pleasant experience.

  1. Create a battle plan. Break down the whole moving process into smaller steps so you will be able to predict and follow every stage of it. Get as much information as possible on how to properly organize a long distance move. Research all the possible transportation options and decide on yours. Make sure whether the moving estimate fits in your budget and spare a bit to spend on some additional services, you may want to include on the go. Thinks of what’s needed to be loaded firs, whats – last. Prepare a separate box with things you will need right away after arrival
  2. If you are hiring a moving company don’t forget to check their license and reputation.
    Their website should include their accreditation and moving license.

The moving company should utilize only modern and safe equipment to minimize the possible risks.

  1. Make a precise inventory list of your possessions. Ask your moving company for an on site estimate, normally those are free and will only take 15-30 mins of your time, however will give you an exact numbers of how much will the move cost and how long will the entire process take. Remember, creating inventory is a serious and important process that will allow you to get the price of the service.

This is also essential when preparing the packing supplies, since the size of the load my take you from one kind fo the van to the larger one, that will affect fuel expenses, parking permits and truck rental price. Prepare all your possessions and your home in general for a move. Remove everything from the walls, unplug and disconnect your appliances and pack the cables. This will protect your items from possible damages and make the loading process much easier.

  1. Get the moving supplies in advance, prepare different sized boxes and containers, padding/wrapping/packing paper, furniture covers, tape, moving blankets, plastic sheets, ropes in advance. Special attention is to be paid to your fragile items and other valuable breakables. Such items should be packed and handled in a particular way and properly labeled not to mix them up with other less sensitive packages.

Another useful tip to follow is to mark the content of the boxes. This will help you load them on the truck in the most efficient set up and protect them from unwanted impacts. It will also save your time when unloading as far as you will be aware of their content and which room they belong to.

  1. Make sure you have a direct contact number of your moving company representative in case you have additional questions.

Moving process is tough, however it can even be fun if you have a team of professionals on your side.

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