How to choose a moving company?

The first thing on your to do list when moving – is to find a reliable moving company that will help you in this tough mission. Today there is a huge number of companies that provide different kinds of relocation services – residential, business or office and specialized moves , but how can you be certain about them, what is an ultimate tool to make a right decision?

For sure, you will first try to google some local movers, who offer services you are looking for and have a decent ratings on Google+ or Yelp. It is also important to check what their previous customers have to say, feedbacks is a strong tool, but please don’t overestimate it. For most businesses reviews will be mixed and that is totally normal. Having 10000 positive reviews out of 10000 total looks more like a fake. And that is the exact moment when you feel confused.

We’ve prepared a list of things to keep in mind as a guide to choosing a great service provider:

Here are our tips:

Spare yourself some time to make a research on the moving companies
Choosing a moving company is never easy and can appear to be a real challenge. Starting the search of movers 1-2 month beforehand is a great practice. While looking for a company, create a list of those you liked.
Ask for recommendations from your family, friends or even realtors.
Call the moving companies you have chosen and ask for a quote.
This steps is top important, since an accurate estimate will give you an entire perspective of how the move will go and how should you plan your budget. TIP: Ask movers for an on site estimate – that is the best way to get a prciesed bid.

When the moving company representative comes for a walk through, show them everything – if there are some “maybe” items please ask him to include those – it is always better to have a discount on the day of your pick up than stressing about your total bill to go up.
Get two to three quotes from the moving companies and make sure you understand what do the quotes cover. You can and probably should check the moving company’s inventory list for accuracy. TIP: Toss out any low-ball quotes. If there is something that just does not fit in the range of the others, be ready that it is simply too good to be true.
Ask questions. Don’t be afraid – there is only one stupid question – and that is the one that has never been asked. “ How long have you been in the moving industry?” “Does your company have the insurance?” “How do you charged?” “How will my goods be protected during the move?” “What is your claims process just in case of anything gets damaged?”
When choosing your moving company you should not only consider the price. Take a close look on what is included and what will the company charge you additionally for? Best package will include inventory of the items, furniture disassembly and reassembly, wrapping materials all provided at no additional cost. That all has to be combined with diecent delivery terms and some good customers feedbacks.

By utilizing some of the above tips you will be able to find a reliable partner for your task and save some money.

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