Moving from Marina Del Rey or High rise – few things to remember

Most of us have been thinking about moving to a different place of living at least once in their life. Moving procedures including such items as moving furniture, all the suitcases containing all the possible things that can be of use and of great need in a completely new environment constitute a very important process that can either give you a lot of pleasure while enjoying your new residence place or turn your moving into a nightmare.

Becoming clients of our moving company you are automatically provided a lot of basic services that can greatly relieve a weighty burden of planning the way, packing and loading all your belongings, compiling the lengthy lists of all the things being packed, etc. However, if you have made up your mind to move, but it happens so, that the moving will have to be performed from Marina Del Rey or any other High rise place, you have to bear in  mind that in such moving there are several important points to be remembered for the moving to become successful.

Moving out from any High rise place can present considerable difficulties that are caused by a number of factors. One of these factors that is among the most important ones is the fact that usually there is no vacant parking place near the high rises. This usually creates a bad obstacle to performing the moving wok properly. Sometimes there can be no parking near the high rises at all, and this makes the situation much worse. If there is no parking place near the high rise, it means that either you or the movers working in our agency would have to cover long walking distances both from your flat to the truck and in the reversed way – from the truck to the flat. This automatically increases the time period needed to load or unload the car. Besides, it is quite rare that near the high rises there are big yards. So, all that work concerning packing various items especially the big ones that could be done in the yard or at a parking place, if there was any, is to be done in the flat.

What is more, it is almost impossible to cover long walking distances while carrying something heavy. In this respect, while moving to or from the Marina Del Rey or the High rise, there is an urgent need to reserve a loading dock – a special place where you can park a truck and load it. However, this service is quite expensive and if you have a limited budget, or simply do not want to pay a lot, you will have to plan everything perfectly taking into consideration even the smallest possible details that can in future keep you from loading a car in a quick manner.

One more detail that may spoil all your impression from moving to a new residence place and make the moving procedure more complicated is the constant elevator jams in the high rises. Depending on the quantity of stores, great numbers of people travel up and down in the elevators almost the whole day. That is why it is often difficult here to choose a good time for moving your packed items from your flat to the ground floor and then to the truck.

In this respect, we would like to provide you with some useful advice for the case if you live in a high rise and are making plans to move out from it. First, always plan your moving in advance as only in this case one is able to organize everything well. Second, tell our managers all the details concerning the location of the house, availability of a parking, etc. Third, entrust your moving to the professionals and enjoy your life with no concerns about dealing with your luggage.

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