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Shuttle Services In Los Angeles.

There are a few details to interstate moves that are industry standards, but unfamiliar to people moving for the first time. Moving shuttle falls under that category. Here are a handful of facts to help you understand in which cases shuttle service is needed, and understand why is an essential factor to many interstate moves from Los Angeles and to Los Angeles.

Shuttle services in California, LA

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Shuttle is needed when the tractor trailer cannot access the home. Most of it happens in big densely populated cities due to narrow streets, lack of parking, and no space to turn. Sometimes the neighborhood/apartment complex does not allow tractor trailers on premises. However, in some cases shuttles are also needed in rural areas due to unpaved driveways, access that is too steep or includes a tight bend, or clearance problems due to tree branches or power lines.


Before the pick up or delivery occurs, the moving consultant/driver will analyze said destination to determine if shuttle service is indeed needed. If the rig will be unable to access the home, the driver will take out a smaller truck to complete the pickup/drop off. The tractor trailer will be left in a safe location (usually at a secure warehouse or guarded rest stop), and bring the smaller truck to the residence to thoroughly move the all the items out. The driver then brings back the loaded shuttle truck back to his tractor trailer, and offloads everything onto the trailer truck. Now that everything is safely loaded onto it, the driver can hit the road and make his way to the customer’s destination, and vice versa if the shuttle occurs at the destination address.


Yes, using a shuttle adds additional costs to the price of the move with any company. Sorry.The cost is based on a set rate found in your reservation paperwork, and depends on the volume/weight of your move. Shuttle is practically adding a local move on top of your interstate move, renting the truck and using additional time and labor for the transfer, which results in extra effort. Drivers prefer to avoid using shuttles unless they are absolutely necessary – it is not profitable, and throws some extra time on the trip. Even if your moving consultant includes a shuttle charge on your estimate, you will only be charged if the shuttle actually occurs.

What is included?

Shuttle service allows us to serve customers who are relocating into or out of homes that are difficult/impossible to access with a 52’ truck. The shuttle is a smaller truck that your belongings are loaded onto when moving to final destination. A shuttle truck makes possible for the driver and crew to get the vehicle close to the residence and load/unload your possessions safely and efficiently. A shuttle is sometimes also called an auxiliary service.
Why not the smaller truck all the way? To make interstate moving cost-effective for both customer and the moving company, an interstate moving truck always has multiple customers’ shipments. If the driver used a smaller truck, he could only bring one customer’s shipment from New York to Texas. With a large rig, the crew picks up/delivers several other customers along that route, making moving much cheaper for everyone.

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