Packing yourself or packing with us?

Undoubtedly, many of us at least once in their lifetime thought about moving to a different place of living. The organization of the moving process becomes a very responsible task, especially for those who are involved in this type of activity the first time in their lives. Among other crucial parts of the moving process such as choosing a moving company, selecting the best and the shortest way to your destination place and many other issues, packaging procedure plays a vital role.

Our moving company offers a wide range of moving services. All our clients can choose the one that best suits their needs. Concerning the issue of packing we can offer you two different ways you can follow while considering packing procedures: firstly, you can deal with packing all your belongings on your own, and our specialists only load a truck and drive your baggage to the required address. Secondly, you can entrust all our packing procedures to our perfectly qualified movers.

These two ways have many unique advantages. If you prefer packing yourself, it is you and only you who decide upon all the most appropriate packing for you. You too may take the great advantage of the fact that you know all the features of your items that can be meaningful while packing them. If you need some useful advice on how to pack your items better to ensure that they arrive undamaged to the destination place, you may read our special packing blog where experienced experienced movers as well as our regular customers share their valuable experience regarding packaging issues. . Great attention to our blog is paid to packing the fragile items – there is a description of good examples of packing as well as the worst ways of dealing with fragile pieces is described in detail.

However, if you decide to pack with us, you do not have to think about so many different things. We have a great team of competent movers with unspotted reputation. Those specialists who deal with packaging the clients’ possessions have an impeccable experience in this field, and if they take order, cases where something seems to be broken, damaged or damaged by any other possible way, are really rare. Our movers know a lot about ways of packing items made of different materials including fragile ones such as glass, porcelain, etc. They are also trained to pack large items such as pieces of furniture, big musical instruments, etc., especially if the client wants his / her furniture not to be disassembled before moving.

In addition to packing your belongings properly, our specialists will load the lorry in the best possible way. They will take into account all the peculiarities of the luggage and arrange the items in the car in such a way that nothing can fall down and be broken or damaged.

Our experts will also mark your luggage so that it will be easily recognizable and they will also put special signs on boxes with items that are fragile or should be stored only in dry places (such as computers or any other devices working on electricity )

Additionally, the fees for all services are transparent – everything is clearly described in your to-pay list. Be sure, if you choose packing with us, you will be able to enjoy your easy move with no need to worry about your luggage.

Packing Services

When we arrive at your new home or storage, our team will unload your effects and place them as required. There are also options to have boxes packed by Traditional then unpacked to a flat surface and all waste packaging and debris is taken away.

Storage Services

We provide purpose-built storage warehouse facilities in Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, Texas and a New Jersey facility. Traditional has a broad range of storage solutions for both short-term and long-term requirements.

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