Some underwater rocks for houses in hills

When you decide to move, you look for the perfect options of your new house. There are different types of houses depending where you want to move. And whatever if it is New York City with it’s big skyscrapers or it is hilly Brentwood or Malibu, there are specific problems concerning the houses.

In this article you are going to find some peculiarities and potential disadvantages of living in the house in the hill, like in Beverly Hills and Pacific Palisades. Of course  houses on the hill have a spectacular views on the city and on the nature, but buyers have different opinions about homes on the hills, some – enjoy that beauty of the view and to other it is a disaster. But why, you will ask?

First thing to be mentioned is the water.
The water runs downhill and water likes steep slopes. You need to be aware about the drainage system of your future house. If  your future house built on the rock then it’s good – you have nothing to worry about. But if your future home is built on the slope of the trees then situation can be dangerous. Ask your realtor about drainage system of your new house, because it is the thing that will prevent the water getting into your house and damaging your home. It is really advisable for the houses on the hillsides to have sump basins and pump to collect and drain the rain and groundwater.

Second thing concerns your accessibility and driving.
As you know the hilly roads are really  narrow and wounded. It is not only a thing that they are dangerous, but also that if you have a car and don’t have garage in your new house, then it will be really problematic thing to find where to park your car. If you are lucky to have a garage, another problem is that on the icy days you won’t be able to drive out of your home.

You also will be watched.
As the  houses in the hillside area are built up to the hill, your neighbours from above are going to be able to see everything what is going on your yard. It is not a problem unless you don’t like being watched.
Also, what concerns the drainage system of your neighbours. However, you have no control over them, it is advisable that the house above you to have a drainage system too to prevent landslides.

You need to take care of your yard in order it not to turn into slanted yard.
Thing is that even if your yard is leveled, it is most likely the result of expensive spendings and care, which further on will lay down on your shoulders. The disadvantage is that most likely you will not be able to have a pool or trampoline if your yard is slanted. Unfortunately if you are looking  for a home with a big yard then  hillside is not an option for you.

Houses on the hillside  have limited natural light.
If the sunlight is important to you then make sure that your  house will face  the direction you want. In other case you risk to stay in complete shade for some time of the day.

And the last thing but not the least important thing is that before buying house on the hill and moving in – it has to be inspected by the professionals , such as property inspector and geotech engineer. It is better to  invite engineers to inspect your house because they are more experienced and can inform you in advance if something can go wrong and what you have to do to fix it.

No you are aware of all the risks that can happen with the house on the hillside. If you still want to buy one you better follow the tips we provided you with. Stay safe!

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